YouGlish is an excellent website that will advise you how to pronounce tricky words in English. Type in a word, select a variety of English (American, British, Australian or mixed samples (All)) and click on the red search button. You will then see and hear different people pronouncing your keyword.


Some useful vocabulary sources

One crucial thing in mastering a foreign language is to have a broad set of vocabulary. Some words and phrases are used in daily conversation and there is basically no time to look them up from a dictionary. There are plenty of websites where lists of this sort have been compiled. You can google "most frequent words English" to get an idea of the scope of lists created so far.

Some typical phrases used in daily conversations can be found e.g. via the list on The direct link to the list displaying English - Finnish conversational phrases (both very frequently used and to some extent very rare) can be accessed by clicking this link:

You can test how many of these you know already and also read about the origins of the curious sentence "My hovercraft is full of eels."

When it comes to creating your own lists of English words, Quizlet is a worthy option. When creating a list, the user needs to use a reliable dictionary or course book to create the list. You should remember to use the copy and paste functions if you are using an online text source. A simple example video of how to create a Quizlet list can be watched from this YouTube link:

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